Friday, March 25, 2005


Movie goddess Jean Harlow heroically foiled a sinister plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge shortly before her death in 1937, newly declassified government files have revealed.
The story, accompanied by screaming banner headlines and a vintage studio glamour shot of the 1930s screen siren, was recently reported on the front page of the New York World-Telegram — a paper previously thought to have ceased publication sometime in the 1940’s.
According to the report, the FBI learned of the terrorist conspiracy against New York’s landmark bridge and recruited Harlow to insinuate herself into the confidence of the enemy.
“Because she was so heroic as to submit herself to a fate worse than death, as we used to say back then, in order to entrap the plotters, the FBI agreed that she would remain anonymous — just a plain old patriotic girl doing what any patriotic American girl would do,” said a spokesman familiar with the case. “Now at last, 70 years later, the story can be told.”
Though some old movie buffs are sure to find the blonde bombshell’s secret espionage career sensational, one cinema afficianado wondered if the FBI didn’t keep the story under wraps a little too long. “What will today’s readers make of all this?” he mused to reporters. “I wonder how may of them have ever even heard of Jean Harlow.”